Plastic surgery in Kharkiv

The goal of plastic surgery is to eliminate defects and deformations of organs, tissues and surfaces of the human body.

Plastic surgeries can be reparative (helps to eliminate deformations of tissues and organs) and esthetic (helps to get rid of imperfections in appearance).

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Plastic surgeries for women and men in Kharkiv are carried out at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv”. Breast plastic surgery, surgical body shaping and surgical rejuvenation in Kharkiv are carried out after consulting a plastic surgeon and conducting a preoperative examination.

What problems does plastic surgery solve in Kharkiv?

Plastic surgery in Kharkiv solves the problem of eliminating defects in appearance and deformations of organs and tissues. The services of the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” include the following:

  • changing the breast size and shape;
  • changing the shape of the eyes;
  • plastics of lower hips;
  • plastic surgery on the face;
  • enlargement of buttocks;
  • reduction in the volume of adipose tissue;
  • surgical correction of scars.

The full list of services of the department of aesthetic medicine can be found on the website or by phone. The cost of plastic surgery depends on its type.

Examination by a plastic surgeon

At the initial examination by a plastic surgeon, the doctor finds out the problem that needs to be solved for the patient. Then the plastic surgeon examines the area of the body to be operated, as well as external assessment of the condition of skin, muscles, fatty layer, cartilage and bones.

In addition, the doctor tells the patient about the peculiarities of the planned operation and the subsequent recovery period. Then the plastic surgeon refers to diagnostic tests. After the diagnostics, a special marker is used to mark the part of the body on which the operation will be performed. In the process of marking, the plastic surgeon determines what kind of intervention will be carried out, in which zones and on what scale.

Plastic surgeon at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” also conducts initial consultation via video communication, where the patient can express his/her wishes, ask questions of interest, and get a preliminary estimate of the scope of work. Video consultations between a doctor and a patient are carried out in the patient’s personal account.

Plastic surgery for non-resident patients

The Department of plastic surgery of the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” provides esthetic surgery services not only to Kharkiv residents, but also to patients from all over Ukraine. The possibility of consulting a plastic surgeon via video link allows conducting an initial appointment online. During the video consultation, a patient can not only get to know the doctor, but also ask questions of interest about the upcoming operation, the features of the preparatory and rehabilitation periods. 

The advantage of the plastic surgery department at “ON Clinic Kharkiv” is the presence of a new, modernly equipped operating room. The plastic surgeons of the medical center have extensive experience in the field of esthetic and reconstructive surgery:

  • author's developments for breast-enlarging surgeries successfully applied in practice;
  • hundreds of successfully operated patients from around the world and positive feedback from them.

Our plastic surgeons accompany the patient at all stages of the postoperative period until complete recovery. The hospital of the medical center provides a full range of services necessary for the stay of a non-resident patient. Amenities available in the wards of the plastic surgery department include three meals a day, a shower and a toilet in each ward, a set of towels and bedding, a bathrobe, disposable slippers and hygiene products.

Examination before plastic surgery 

To determine the tactics of the operation and identify possible contraindications before plastic surgery, the doctor prescribes preliminary studies. Preparation for the plastic surgery may include:

  • complete blood count;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • coagulogram (blood clotting examination);
  • blood test for HIV and hepatitis B and C viruses;
  • ultrasonography of mammary glands (before breast plastic surgery).

Rehabilitation after the plastic surgery 

Rehabilitation after the plastic surgery takes place under the supervision of a plastic surgeon. Depending on the type of operation performed, the doctor gives recommendations for recovery, and, if necessary, prescribes a set of recovery procedures. So, after surgical body shaping, the patient can be recommended liposuction or pressotherapy. After breast surgery, it may be necessary to use special cosmetics, which will be prescribed by a doctor. 

Surgical correction of lip deformities in Kharkiv

Lip plasty is an operation aimed at reshaping or correcting the acquired and congenital deformities of the upper and lower lips. Before operating to reshape the lips, it is necessary to undergo an examination referred to by a plastic surgeon. Diagnostics before surgery on the lower and upper lips includes the following:

  • electrocardiogram;
  • coagulogram;
  • complete blood count;
  • ELISA IgM Covid-19 (48 hours before surgery);
  • blood test for antibodies to HIV, presence of hepatitis B and C viruses.

Lip reshaping is performed under intravenous anesthesia. To eliminate deformation of lower and upper lips and create the desired shape, the surgeon makes micro-incisions in the lip skin. After the operation on the upper and lower lips, the surgeon applies sutures that dissolve on their own without leaving any scars. The operation duration is one to two hours. Full rehabilitation takes two weeks.

Enlargement of buttocks in Kharkiv

Buttock enlargement surgery is indicated for benign hypoplasia (underdevelopment) of the buttocks. Buttock augmentation can be performed with implants or with your own adipose tissue. The operation is carried out under endotracheal anesthesia, two hours before it is not allowed to eat or drink.

In case of gluteoplasty (buttock enlargement with implants), a plastic surgeon makes incisions between the buttocks, forming special “pockets” for implants under the gluteus maximus muscle. After placing the implants in the buttocks, the doctor creates a new shape for the buttocks and sutures. The duration of the operation is 2,5 hours.

To augment the buttocks using the patient’s own adipose tissue, the doctor collects the fat mass, which is then processed and prepared for further transplantation. The surgeon, through micro-incisions, places the prepared adipose tissue in the required place (according to the markings carried out) and gives the buttocks a new shape. The duration of the operation does not exceed three to four hours.

The cost of buttock enlargement surgery in Kharkiv depends on the method of and the desired volume of the buttocks. You can find out the price of plastic surgery on the buttocks by calling the phone number indicated on our website.

Femoroplasty (hip plasty) in Kharkiv

Femoroplasty is an operation aimed at tightening the hip skin. Hip reduction is performed under general anesthesia. Before lifting the inner hip in Kharkiv, the doctor refers the patient for blood tests, fluorography and ECG.

The location of incisions during the plastic surgery of the inner hip depends on the area that the patient wants to correct. Types of incisions for femoroplasty:

  • ellipsoidal (from buttocks to hips);
  • circular (along the hip joint, from the groin around the leg);
  • spiral incision (from the fold under the buttock to the groin and pubis).

After the incision, the surgeon removes the layer of subcutaneous fat, applies drainage and cosmetic sutures. The doctor removes the stitches after two weeks, and the swelling finally goes away after three to five weeks.

Prices for femoroplasty in Kharkiv depend on the desired volume of the hips and the amount of adipose tissue removed. You can clarify the cost of hip plastics by calling the phone number indicated on our website.

Plastic surgery of the lower legs (cruroplasty) in Kharkiv

Cruroplasty is a plastic surgery during which the shape, size (reduction or enlargement) of the lower leg is changed using the patient’s own adipose tissue or installation of silicone implants. The indications for lower legs plasty are atrophy or underdeveloped leg muscles, their asymmetry, false curvature of legs (the feet and knees close up, but there is no calf, which leads to soft tissue defects from knees to ankles). Endoprosthetics of the lower legs is performed under epidural anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia.

During lower legs plasty using implants, a plastic surgeon makes incision in the popliteal crease three to four cm long. After incision, the doctor places the implant and sutures, which are masked under the natural skin folds. The shape and size of silicone implant is selected by the surgeon in consultation. The duration of the lower legs plasty surgery is 1.5-2 hours.

For the lower legs plastic surgery using own adipose tissue, the surgeon takes the patient’s fat mass, which the doctor processes and prepares for transplantation. Through the micro-incisions made, the doctor places the prepared adipose tissue in the previously marked place and corrects the shins.

After plastic surgery to correct the shin curvature, compression stockings are put on the patient. The surgeon removes the stitches in 7-10 days, and the bruises and swelling of the shins disappear completely within three weeks. The cost of lower legs plastics in Kharkiv depends on the chosen method of plastic surgery.

Surgical correction of scars in Kharkiv

Scars on the skin, regardless of location and size, can be removed surgically by doctors. The method of surgical correction of scars depends on their size (5 cm, up to 10 cm, more than 10 cm) and severity. Types of scars to be corrected:

  • atrophic (in appearance they look like retracted stripes);
  • normotrophic (pale and thin scars);
  • keloid (scars are pink, purple in color, usually rise above the skin);
  • hypertrophic (dark in color scars that rise above the skin surface).

During the surgical correction of normotrophic scars up to 5 cm, the surgeon reduces the size of the scar, making it invisible on the skin. Atrophic scars are removed with subcision (undercutting). The plastic surgeon carries out excision of the scar, then without the tension of the tissues, layer by layer, sutures the wound. After the scars have been removed, the doctor will apply cosmetic stitches.

The cost of scar removal in Kharkiv depends on the scar size and location. To specify the prices of surgical correction of scars 5 cm, up to 10 cm and more than 10 cm, please call the number indicated on our website.

You can make an appointment with a plastic surgeon in Kharkiv and for aesthetic medicine services in Kharkiv by calling the phone numbers indicated on the website or through the appointment form. You can find out the prices for plastic surgery in Kharkiv on the website or by phone.

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