Endoscopy in Kharkiv

Medical examination of body allows timely detection of diseases at an early stage and selection of optimal treatment.

The attending physician can refer a person for additional examinations, the results of which help to establish the correct diagnosis. Also, on the doctor’s recommendation, repeated diagnostics can be assigned to a patient to monitor the treatment result.

Reasons to undergo examination of body

Examination of body makes it possible to identify any hidden symptoms of developing diseases or pathologies. You can undergo medical examination at “ON Clinic Kharkiv” in the department of diagnostics. Based on the examination results, the attending physician selects or adjusts the treatment regimen. Some types of diagnostics (examination of intestines, other organs of digestive system) require preliminary preparation. For example, before gastroscopy, you should not eat food for 12 hours before the examination, and an anoscopy involves cleansing the intestines with enema or laxative. You can find out the details of preparation before making an appointment for the examination by calling the contact phone.

What we do

You can make an appointment with the department of diagnostics at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv”. The following examinations are available for patients:

  • encephalography;
  • colonoscopy and gastroscopy;
  • sigmoidoscopy and anoscopy;
  • digital dermatoscopy;
  • dopplerography and vascular test;
  • folliculometry;
  • colposcopy of uterus;
  • echosalpingography and metrosalpingography.

Comprehensive diagnostics is carried out considering the age characteristics and medical history of the patient according to an individual regimen drawn up by a doctor.

Why us?

At the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” you can undergo all examinations assigned by a doctor in one place. We also carry out a general medical examination. You can do it in one day thanks to the Check-Up service, which is a comprehensive medical examination to identify diseases and pathologies at the early stages of development. The World Health Organization recommends undergoing comprehensive medical examination of body at least 1-2 times a year.

Any diagnostic procedure is performed on an outpatient basis by an appointment. To undergo colonoscopy, anoscopy or gastroscopy in Kharkiv without pain and discomfort, call the contact phone and make an appointment for examination.

Korotkih Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Korotkih Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Doctor of department of endoscopy

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