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Psychiatry and medical psychology in Kharkiv

Psychiatrists and medical psychologists are involved in the diagnostics and treatment of mental health problems.

The difference in the work of doctors lies in their specialization and treatment methods.

A psychiatrist is a doctor who has a certificate in the specialty "psychiatry-narcology", deals with the treatment of severe (schizophrenia, psychosis) and minor (depression, panic attacks, anxiety disorders) mental illnesses mainly with drugs. A medical psychologist is a specialist who specializes in psychotherapy, treating non-severe mental disorders using psychotherapy methods (hypnosis, psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral therapy). The psychologist does not prescribe medications, this doctor also works with mentally healthy people, helps to establish relationships with others, and cope with difficult life situations.

Signs of psychiatric disorders

Psychiatric disorders are a wide range of mental pathologies that affect the quality and lifestyle of a person. The type and degree of psychiatric disorder is determined by a psychiatrist after a comprehensive examination. Mental disorders have a complex of basic symptoms, but they can manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the characteristics of the psyche and physiology of a person. The most indicant signs of a psychiatric disorder are as follows:

  • thought disorder (absent-mindedness, memory impairment, arrest);
  • frequent mood swings (complaint habit, low energy, meltdowns, tearfulness, irritability for no particular reason, and vice versa - excessive energy, gaiety);
  •  unreasonable anxiety state, groundless fears;
  • prolonged insomnia, nightmares, excessive sleepiness;
  •  mismatch of emotions with current events (loss of interest in life, apathy, lack of emotionality);
  • lack of appetite, systematic overeating;
  • psychological discomfort, conflicts in the family, with others.

If any of the listed signs have been present for a long time, then it is worth making an appointment with a psychiatrist.

What diseases does a psychiatrist deal with in Kharkiv

The medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” in the department of psychiatry and medical psychology diagnoses and treats psychiatric disorders. You can visit a psychiatrist in Kharkiv with the following mental disorders:

  • neuroses;
  • neurasthenia;
  • emotional instability;
  • anxiety disorders;
  • depressive disorders;
  • phobias;
  • eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia);
  • psychosomatic disorders;
  • stress-related disorders (post-traumatic disorder)

In most cases, the practice of a psychiatrist involves medicinal treatment of psychiatric disorders. Private psychiatrist consultation includes the following:

  • interviewing;
  • talking with relatives if necessary;
  • informing about the methods and ways of treatment and voluntary written permission from the patient.

The Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology at “ON Clinic Kharkiv” provides assistance in solving mental disorders. You can make appointment with a psychiatrist in Kharkiv at the indicated phone numbers or using the online form on the website. If necessary, a psychiatrist can prescribe additional examinations and consultations of doctors (for example, endocrinologist, neuropathologist, cardiologist). You can make an appointment for consultation by endocrinologist at “ON Clinic Kharkiv”.

Diagnostics and treatment of neurosis

Neurosis is a mental disorder that manifests itself with psychoemotional, somatic and behavioral symptoms. Neurosis is characterized by a decrease in mental and physical performance, asthenic and hysterical manifestations.

Neurosis can be triggered by the following factors:

  • psycho-traumatic situations of a protracted nature;
  • psychological and physical stress (overwork, lack of sleep, stress);
  • chronic intoxication of the body (alcohol, drugs);
  • various diseases that lead to inanition of the body (flu, infectious diseases).

To identify neurosis, it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist. Diagnostics and treatment of neuroses in each case are individual. “ON Clinic Kharkiv” carries out combined physiotherapeutic and drug treatment of neurosis.

There are several types of neuroses:

  • anxiety neurosis (anxiety, fussing, panic disorder, phobias;
  • depressive neurosis (loss of interest in any activity, depression, constant sadness);
  • obsessional-compulsive neurosis (obsessive thoughts and ideas, their repetition);
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (after experiencing traumatic events).

Treatment of neurosis in Kharkiv is carried out by doctors of the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology of “ON Clinic Kharkiv”.

In case of neurosis, a person experiences an increased level of stress and anxiety, which in its turn increases the likelihood of panic attacks. A panic attack is a sudden jolt of intense fear and anxiety for no apparent reason, combined with various physical reactions. Physical responses to panic attacks include the following:

  • shortness of breath, choking, lack of air;
  •  heart pain, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure;
  •  nausea, dizziness, chills;
  •  limb numbness;
  •  fear of coming undone.

Psychiatrists and psychologists of the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology of “ON Clinic Kharkiv” deal with the treatment of panic attacks.

Symptoms of panic attacks may be similar to those of other medical conditions (e.g., heart attack, angina pectoris, endocrine disorders). Therefore, in order to exclude organic causes of panic attacks, it is necessary to undergo examinations by cardiologist and neuropathologist. You can make appointment with a neurologist by calling the phone numbers or using the appointment form on the website.

Diagnostics and treatment of depression

Depression is a mental disorder accompanied by complaint habit, decreased activity, and depressed mood. Treatment of depression in Kharkiv is carried out depending on its type (major, seasonal, postpartum, chronic), it can be drug treatment, psychotherapy or integrated approach.

The depression symptoms are as follows:

  • constantly sad, anxious mood;
  •  feeling of pessimism, hopelessness, hopelessness;
  •  feelings of guilt, helplessness;
  •  irritability, tearfulness;
  •  problems with appetite, sleep, performance.

Depression is diagnosed when several of these symptoms appear every day for at least two weeks. In this case, you need to visit a psychologist in Kharkiv.

Psychologist services in Kharkiv also include the solution of any psychological problems of a mentally healthy person. The help of a psychologist in Kharkiv at “ON Clinic Kharkiv” consists in a specially structured conversation with a person, during which the causes of the problems causing concern are determined, and the search for solutions is found. You can make appointment for a consultation with a psychologist in Kharkiv by phone or using the appointment form on the website. Our operators will tell you the cost of visit to a psychologist and the cost of consulting by a psychiatrist.

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