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Feedback about proctologists ON Clinic in Dnepr

I want to thank the proctologist Rufanova Anna Anatolyevna for the work done. I have a difficult diagnosis. Difficult situation. But thanks to the high professi...
Dmitry , 05.07.2022. Show answer
I came to “ON Clinic Dnepr” to solve my proctological problem. Dr. Aslyaev A.A. In the future I will recommend ON Clinic to all friends and relatives. I was dia...
Raisa Nikolayevna , 08.04.2020. Show answer
I am very pleased to come to a professional in her sphere, to Anna Anatolyevna Rufanova. I underwent non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, fissures and fistula...
Valentina , 07.04.2020. Show answer
I have faced an unpleasant problem. I decided to visit On Clinic from the advertisement on a board. By a stroke of luck, my doctor was Kudlay Sergey Pavlovich....
Ruslan , 02.04.2020. Show answer
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