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Feedback about urologists ON Clinic in Odessa

I visited doctor Greylikh D.A., he is a considerate person and professional of his craft. The visit was at top level, - I was examined, referred to some tests a...
Vadim , 29.05.2020. Show answer
Professional of his craft, Denis Andreyevich shows respect to his patients and always helps them. He works in a professional and neat manner. I have been examin...
Mikhail , 30.04.2020. Show answer
I want to express gratitude to Denis Andreyevich, I came to him with a very delicate problem: papillomas on the genital organ; I came on the recommendation of m...
Vladislav , 19.03.2020. Show answer
Dr. Denis Greilich is a great professional, as well as his whole assistant team. The clinic is well prepared for deal with all kind of problems one may have. I...
Sergio Rocha , 03.10.2018. Show answer
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