Mammoplasty in Kharkiv

Sometimes, with age, after pregnancy and childbirth, against the background of metabolic disorders or after surgery on the mammary glands, the female breast can lose its round shape and elasticity. Aesthetic correction of the appearance of the breast is possible with the help of mammoplasty – plastic surgery on the breast.

With the help of mammoplasty in Kharkiv, you can:

  • change the shape and size of your breasts (reduce or enlarge your breasts);
  • perform breast lifting;
  • undergo plastic surgery of nipples and areolas.

Also, with the help of mammoplasty, breast contracture can be eliminated. With capsular contracture, excess fibrous tissue builds up around the breast implant, and if left untreated, the implant itself can rupture.

Augmentation mammoplasty (breast enlargement) in Kharkiv

Breast enlargement in Kharkiv at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” is performed by means of augmentation mammoplasty. For breast enlargement, breast implants are installed. Modern breast implants are hypoallergenic, safe, repeat the anatomical shape and density of the natural breast tissue. The price of implants varies depending on the material, size and country of the implant manufacturer.

Reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction) in Kharkiv

Reduction mammoplasty is a breast surgery aimed at reducing its size. Reduction mammoplasty is used when large breasts bring aesthetic and physical discomfort to a woman. Large breasts, putting stress on the spine with their weight, can lead to back pain and poor posture, as well as interfere with sleep.

Breast reduction in Kharkiv in the department of plastic surgery of the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” is carried out under anesthesia, the procedure lasts 5-6 hours. During the operation, excess fat deposits are removed, the volume of the breast decreases, and a new shape of the mammary glands is formed.

Replacement and removal of breast implants in Kharkiv

Previously installed breast implants shall be replaced and removed if necessary. Replacement of breast implants is carried out for aesthetic or medical reasons. The aesthetic reason for replacing breast implants is a woman's desire to enlarge or reduce their mammary glands. Sometimes the reason for replacing the implant is intolerance to the previously implanted material or damage to the implant.

In the event of a breast implant rejection or, if the woman wishes to return to the previous form of the breast, the surgeons remove the breast implant. While maintaining the integrity of the glandular tissue of the breast, the installation, replacement and removal of breast implants do not affect the woman's ability to healthy lactation.

Mastopexy (breast lifting) in Kharkiv

Mastopexy is a surgical breast lifting. Indication for mastopexy is breast ptosis (sagging breasts). Depending on the level of breast prolapse, this condition is usually divided into degrees:

  • 1 degree breast ptosis (the nipple is at the level of the submammary fold - folds under the breast);
  •  2 degree breast ptosis (the nipple is below the level of the submammary fold, but above the breast contour);
  •  3 degree breast ptosis (the nipple is lowered below the breast contour and directed downward).

The complexity of mastopexy depends on the degree of breast prolapse. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes 3-4 hours on average. With a pronounced degree of ptosis, anchor breast lifting is performed in Kharkiv. This method allows for the correction of breast ptosis of the 3 degree.

Correction of nipples in Kharkiv

The area of the areola and nipples is also subject to aesthetic correction. Plastic surgeries are performed when the patient wants to reduce the nipples or correct their asymmetry. Also, the surgeons of our clinic perform plastic surgery of inverted nipples.

Plastic surgery of inverted nipples in Kharkiv

Inverted nipples not only bring aesthetic discomfort, but also make it difficult for breastfeeding, are accompanied by an increased risk of infectious breast diseases. Correction of inverted nipples in Kharkiv is carried out by means of plastic surgery, which allows forming their symmetry and ensures functionality.

Areola correction in Kharkiv

The appearance of the areola also does not always suit women. In Kharkiv, plastic surgery is performed to reduce areola, eliminate asymmetry and irregular shape of the areola of nipples. 

Causes and surgical correction of capsular contracture in Kharkiv

Capsular contracture is a complication of mammoplasty caused by the formation of a dense connective tissue capsule around the implant. The formation of the capsule leads to deformation and asymmetry of the breast, and may be accompanied by severe pain.

Correction of capsular contracture consists in removing the old implant and the capsule formed around it, followed by replacement with a new breast implant or without it. Particular attention is given to the characteristics of the new implant in order to avoid repeated complications.

Rehabilitation after mammoplasty

Full recovery after mammoplasty takes no more than 8 weeks. During this period, the following restrictions must be observed:

  • wear compression underwear;
  • sleep on your back;
  • limit physical activity on the upper half of the body;
  • avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin (tanning in the sun and in a solarium);
  • exclude swimming in open and closed water bodies, visiting the sauna (in order to prevent infection of the postoperative wound until it is completely healed).

Plastic surgeries on breasts and nipples are performed only after consulting a plastic surgeon. You can make an appointment with a plastic surgeon at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” in one of the most convenient ways for you: by phone or through the appointment form on the website. You can also find out the cost of breast surgery by phone.

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