Mentoplasty (chin surgery) in Kharkiv

Mentoplasty is a plastic surgery aimed at correcting the shape and size of the chin. As a result of the surgical intervention, the correct proportions of the face are created, clarity of cervico-chin angle increases, and severity of “double” chin decreases.

There are two types of mentoplasty, which differ depending on the purpose of operation:

  • reduction mentoplasty – involves reducing the chin by removing a chin bone fragment;
  • augmentation mentoplasty – aimed at enlarging and changing the contour of the chin by installing a special implant (chin arthroplasty). 

Bone augmentation mentoplasty is also performed by plastic surgeons. During this operation, the surgeon cuts the bone tissue, shifts its fragment forward and fixes it in a new position using special screws or plates.

There are also methods for non-surgical chin augmentation using hyaluronic acid-based injections or injecting the patient's purified adipose tissue (lipofilling). But chin correction with fillers is not a full-fledged alternative to mentoplasty, since the effect of the procedure is short-lived.

Part of adipose tissue transplanted during chin lipofilling may dissolve over time, and the effect of hyaluronic acid introduction lasts on average from several months to one year. Then the drug is gradually excreted from the body, and the chin takes on its original shape.

The medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” performs augmentation mentoplasty with the use of implants. This is the optimal surgical method for correcting chin defects, which allows you to obtain the desired aesthetic result with minimal tissue trauma. You can find out the price of mentoplasty in Kharkiv at “ON Clinic Kharkiv” from call center operators.

Indications for chin surgery

Indications for augmentation chin plasty are chin deformation as a result of injuries or surgeries, as well as chin slope and underdevelopment of the bones of lower jaw (chin micrognathia). The reason for mentoplasty is also aesthetic dissatisfaction with the chin shape or size.

Preparation and procedure of mentoplasty

The first stage of preparation for mentoplasty is a consultation by a plastic surgeon and orthodontist, since chin defects can be the result of an incorrect bite. If the orthodontist has discovered any pathology, then orthodontic treatment is required before chin surgery.

The second stage of preparation for chin correction is preoperative examinations. Necessary tests before mentoplasty are the following:

  • coagulogram;
  • clinical blood test;
  • tests for hepatitis B and C;
  • HIV test.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is also a mandatory preoperative examination. 48 hours before operation, a patient shall pass an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for IgM antibodies to coronavirus infection (Covid-19). The patient shall not eat or drink two hours before the mentoplasty.

Surgical correction of a sloping or small chin is performed in three stages. First, the surgeon makes a small incision in the fold of mucous membrane between the lower lip and the front teeth. Then the implant is placed in the chin through the formed hole. The incision in the mouth is closed with self-absorbable sutures, and a special compression bandage is applied to the chin area. Chin surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts from one to one and a half hours.

Rehabilitation after mentoplasty

Upon completion of the chin surgery, the patient is under the supervision of the medical staff until he/she comes out of anesthesia. Within a day after mentoplasty, the patient is in the hospital, and then can be discharged home. Before discharge, the surgeon makes recommendations for wound care. The period of complete rehabilitation after mentoplasty takes three weeks.

If you are thinking about chin plastic surgery, make appointment for consultation by surgeon in Kharkiv at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv”. Fill out the appointment form on the website or call the specified phone number.

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