Surgical removal of xanthelasma in Kharkiv

Xanthelasma is an eyelid skin disease characterized by the appearance of benign neoplasms. The eyelid growths are yellow eyelid formations that rise above the skin surface. Depending on the location, xanthelasma of the upper eyelids and xanthelasma of the lower eyelids are distinguished. Sometimes xanthomatosis develops – a condition accompanied by the appearance of multiple plaques throughout the body.

Xanthelasma is usually asymptomatic. Rare symptoms of xanthelasma include:

  • itching of the upper and lower eyelids;
  • appearance of neoplasms on the skin around the eyes.

Causes of xanthelasma

The appearance of xanthelasma is associated with disorders of cholesterol metabolism. Normally, cholesterol is necessary for the formation of cell walls, liver function and hormone synthesis. Excess cholesterol in the blood is dangerous because excess cholesterol is deposited in the form of plaques in the vessels (atherosclerosis), as well as in soft tissues, leading to the formation of atheromas (subcutaneous deposits of cholesterol) and xanthelasmas.

Diagnostics and treatment of xanthelasma in Kharkiv

Diagnostics and treatment of xanthelasma in Kharkiv are available at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv”. The doctor, as a rule, makes the diagnosis of xanthelasma after the examination, based on the characteristic appearance of the plaques. Tests for xanthomatosis make it possible to establish the relationship between the neoplasm appearance and the state of fat metabolism. To do this, the lipid profile is examined – the content of different fractions of cholesterol in the blood serum. If disorders are found, it is recommended to contact a therapist or cardiologist to correct cholesterol metabolism.

Traditional treatment methods for xanthelasma, such as castor oil, are ineffective and can lead to irritants in the eyes. As a conservative (medical) treatment for plaque in the eyes, a doctor may prescribe ointment for xanthelasma, but, as a rule, the only way to get rid of xanthoma of the eye completely is to surgically remove xanthelasma.

Preparation for xanthelasma removal

Before removing xanthelasma, it is necessary to undergo an examination in order to exclude the presence of contraindications to the procedure. The survey includes:

  • tests (complete blood count, tests for infections, blood clotting);
  • electrocardiogram;
  • consultation by a therapist.

Removal of xanthelasma takes place under local anesthesia (sometimes at will and in the absence of contraindications under anesthesia) and takes no more than 30 minutes. The neoplasm is removed so that the healthy tissue of the eyelid is not affected. The healing period after xanthelasma removal is one week. Due to the imposition of special cosmetic sutures, scars do not remain after xanthelasma removal.

You can make an appointment for a consultation by a plastic surgeon in Kharkiv in one of the most convenient ways for you: by phone or by filling out an appointment form on the website. The cost of the visit and surgery to remove xanthelasma can also be found by phone.

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