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Psychological problems that arise in childhood complicate significantly the child’s life, can lead to difficulties in communication and perception of information, self-doubt and difficulties in achieving goals.

Therefore, it is so important to be attentive to the emotional state of the child, and to seek psychological help in a timely manner.

What problems does a pediatric psychologist help to solve?

A child psychologist helps to solve various psycho-emotional problems. You should visit pediatric psychologist if the child is faced with a traumatic experience:

  • violence of any kind;
  • injuries and serious illnesses that change the usual rhythm of life;
  • conflicts in the family;
  • divorce of parents;
  • excessive manifestation of care, overprotection on the part of parents and close people;
  • excessive demands of parents;
  • incurable diseases and death of loved ones;
  • conflicts in the team, classroom, with teachers, friends and classmates.

Problems a pediatric psychologist works with

Sessions with a pediatric psychologist help to solve the child’s adaptation problems, work through his/her mental trauma and restore the child’s broken mentality. Children who have been abused and children who have experienced psychological trauma need psychological help.

Pediatric psychologist works with the following emotional problems of children:

  • restless sleep;
  • hyperactivity;
  • anxiety;
  • general nervousness;
  • problems of social adaptation;
  • problems of personality development;
  • consequences of humiliation in childhood.

Besides, pediatric psychologist offers consultations to parents on the prevention and management of child psychological trauma. The recommendations of a pediatric psychologist may relate to both the correction of the attitude of adults to the child, and the correction of the relationship of adults (parents and other family members) with each other.

Procedure of primary consultation by pediatric psychologist

The treatment of childhood psychological trauma requires active involvement of parents. Therefore, the primary consultation by pediatric psychologist takes place in the presence of one of the parents. In the future, if necessary, the subject of the presence of both parents during sessions is discussed.

The psychologist finds out the complaints of the child and parents, and also analyzes the characteristics of the child’s behavior. Based on the results of the primary consultation, the doctor suggests individual regimen for working out childhood traumas. The consultation lasts 60 minutes.

Making an appointment for a consultation by pediatric psychologist in Kharkiv is carried out by the phone numbers indicated on the website or via the online appointment form on the website. Applications for the appointment are accepted around the clock.

The cost of doctor pediatric psychology appointments in Kharkiv

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