Feedback from Yuliya for 14.01.2020

I want to express my gratitude to the doctor-gynecologist Perekhrest O.V. for a sufficiently quick and effective treatment for cervical erosion. After drug therapy, I was offered to undergo a radio wave therapy method. The procedure was quick and painless, for which I am extremely grateful. I was more afraid, but the positive attitude and support of the doctor helped a lot.
Kharkiv, 14.01.2020 Show answer
Hello Yuliya. Thank you for taking the opportunity to share publicly your history of visiting our medical center. The medical center of our network uses modern and attenuated methods for treating cervical erosion, such as radio wave treatment (RWT). The advantages of this method are painlessness and maximum accuracy of the impact on the affected area. We are pleased that your visit to our medical center was positive and in a comfortable atmosphere. Always ready to help if necessary, be healthy!
Service Quality Control Department