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I am very pleased about my visit to Velichko Irina Alekseevna. Friendly, polite, open, kind. She explained everything in detail, showed, encouraged, answered questions. I think that the On Clinics network is incredibly lucky to have such a professional in their team.
Poltava, 16.07.2022 Show answer
Hello Irina. Thank you for your confidence in our specialist. We are pleased to know that you were satisfied with your visit to the doctor. We hope that your experience will be useful to all those who need qualified medical care.
Service Quality Control Department
29.05.2020 I was at an appointment with a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics Velichko Irina Alekseevna. I got a positive pregnancy test, but I felt some pain, so I decided to visit professionals. On ultrasound I got to Velichko I.A. The doctor made me several times an abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound, in the conclusion she indicated: a fetal egg 2.8 * 1.6 mm is visualized in the uterine cavity. Short term pregnancy. The threat of termination of pregnancy. In addition, the doctor recommended me to come again after a week. After the ultrasound, I turned to a gynecologist, who sent me to a hospital. 30.05.2020 I went to the first city hospital, where I was told the diagnosis of “progressive ectopic pregnancy”. An hour later, I was operated on. At the time of surgery, it was estimated to be a full sixth obstetric week of pregnancy. From the comments of the doctor who operated, it became clear that a maximum of two days and the pipe would not withstand and burst, it would be difficult to predict how everything would end. Now I have a question: if the ultrasound doctor is not guided, where is the tube, and where is the uterus, why does she work in “ON Clinic”? Patients trust doctors with their lives and health. Let's just imagine that, on her recommendation, I passed another WEEK, how would this story end for me? I want to warn the girls who can get to Velichko I.A. that her competence is in doubt. And I ask that the people who assessed her qualifications and took her to work understand this issue.
Poltava, 04.06.2020 Show answer
Hello Diana. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Control Service. It is important for us to fully and comprehensively understand each appeal of our patients. To continue the constructive analysis of the situation, we expect the promised medical information from you. Good luck.
Service Quality Control Department
I often go to “ON Clinic” for an ultrasound scan and a routine examination. I like that they can always take me at a convenient time for me, I don't have to wait. Convenient location, next to the bus stop. Always clean and very polite staff!
Poltava, 16.04.2019 Show answer
Good afternoon, Daria. Thank you for your positive feedback. We are glad to know that you have only positive impressions of your stay at “ON Clinic Poltava”. We hope that your recommendations will be useful to all potential patients. We wish you health and good mood!
Service Quality Control Department

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