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Nataliya Viktorovna Poznyak is a wonderful doctor who is scrupulous about her work and helps to get over the diseases. She treated my chronic tonsillitis. I visited her when I tuned sick in Estonia; the doctor ordered a test for me which immediately diagnosed the disease. There were pills and tonsils rinsing. First I thought that rinsing would be painful, awful and unpleasant but things are nowhere near as awful as they seem. All you need is a cool and professional approach of your doctor and that’s it. Thank you very much!!!
Dnepr, 06.04.2020 Show answer
Hello, Anastasiya. We agree that an early visit to a specialist is a key to effective diagnostics and treatment. We are glad that being under the supervision of our specialist Nataliya Viktorovna Poznyak you were able to throw off the unpleasant problem and remain pleased with the result. Thank you for finding a possibility to share your impressions after visiting “ON Clinic Dnepr”. Stay healthy!
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