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I visited the clinic 3 months ago and I am under supervision medical and treatment by trichologist Antibura V.V. I am very pleased with the doctor’s attitude, her politeness, inner quietness that calms you and fills with confidence in the positive result. I like the arrangement of the clinic, its cleanliness, carefulness and politeness of the whole personnel. The possibility to see a doctor almost without waiting in line is also good news. It is also convenient that all tests can be done in the clinic. The prices are rather moderate. Thank you!
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Hello, Yana. Thank you for your positive feedback and kind words about our specialist. Comfort at every stage of visiting our medical center is one of the basic principles of the clinics of our Network, and the professionalism of doctors, modern equipment and high-quality consumables are the key to high indicators of the effectiveness of medical diagnostic processes. We are always ready to help when necessary and stay healthy.
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It is the second time that I visited the clinic. I was very pleased with the attitude of the staff. Everybody is friendly and very discreet. I had an appointment with the doctor trichologist Antibura V.V. The doctor is competent and in tune for a positive result. After the tests, treatment was prescribed. I really hope for a positive result! There are no doubts! I will recommend Antibura V.V. Only the most positive impressions!
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Hello, Anastasiya. Thank you for your positive feedback about the work of our specialist. We are glad that the visit to our clinic went off well and in a friendly atmosphere. We would like to note that only skilled professionals work at our clinic and we are always intent on improving the quality of medical service. We are always ready to help when necessary. Stay healthy!
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