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The clinic is bordering on fantasy. According to the analyzes, they put the male sex, not the female, respectively, the diagnosis was not written, the material was taken for histology, for three weeks they did not bother to send the results. They sent it on demand, when I called and then with the wrong date for taking the material when they took it. The results line is generally empty. I don’t know how to understand everything. The clinic service has become very bad, despite the fact that I am not a random patient, but I have been going for 7 years.
Poltava, 17.07.2020 Show answer
Good afternoon, Tatiana. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Control Service. We would like to note that the diagnosis is not indicated on the test results forms. To establish a diagnosis based on the results of laboratory tests, it is necessary to consult the attending physician, about which there is a corresponding note in the forms. Other clinic staff is not authorized to comment on any medical documentation. Similar results are not sent to patients by default; the result was sent to you on the first request. We are always ready to help, we wish you health and good mood.
Service Quality Control Department
This is the second time I apply to “ON Clinic”, I want to note the excellent level of medical care! Responsive and pleasant receptionists, high speed of service. I visited the gynecologist E. Svinchuk. The doctor is attentive, gave a couple of lectures on my questions and fears about hormonal. Having fully studied my complaints, previously submitted tests, she gave the necessary recommendations, reassured and explained the further treatment. This is my best gynecologist. Thank all the staff for their attention and kindness. I was very pleased. Tatiana, Poltava 23.05.2020
Poltava, 11.06.2020 Show answer
Good afternoon, Tatiana. Thank you for your trust and choice of “ON Clinic Poltava”. One of the main work standards of our “ON Clinic” is the comfortable emotional state of our patients. Therefore, only qualified specialists work for us, modern equipment is used, it is possible to choose the most convenient appointment time. We are pleased to receive feedback from our patients. Always ready to help if necessary, be healthy.
Service Quality Control Department
I went to the doctor, gynecologist Svinchuk Elena Nikolaevna, with a thrush. The doctor showed professionalism, an individual approach, asked about the circumstances that could lead to this disease. The doctor calmly, slowly performed a proper examination. I am satisfied with the reception, I received good qualified advice. She is very polite and professional in her field.
Poltava, 04.05.2020 Show answer
Hello Maria. Thank you for your positive feedback and a high assessment of the professionalism of our doctor Elena Nikolaevna Svinchuk. A timely visit to a specialist helps to avoid many health problems. We offer quality service and innovative methods of treatment using modern high-tech equipment. We are always ready to help if necessary. We wish you good health.
Service Quality Control Department

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