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On May 22, I visited the ultrasound diagnostics room. It is rather my advice than feedback. Мy gynecological problem was not solved after receiving ultrasound results. Ladies, if you want to get high-quality help visit a clinic which has obstetrician-gynecologist with ultrasound diagnostics. My visit was absolutely useless. Аnd I am going now to seek for a qualified specialist who will not only make a photo of my organs for 350 UAH, but who will make the proper findings. Unfortunately, yesterday I just wasted my time and money.
Odessa, 22.05.2020 Show answer
Hello, Nataliya. Unfortunately, we could not contact you by phone, the desired party not available. We would like to note that sonologists carry out diagnostic examination and as a result they give the protocols with results to the patients, and this was completed. It is the task of attending doctor to interpret the results of additional instrumental and laboratory diagnostics. We are always ready to help, stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department
On 02.03.2020, I underwent an ultrasonic examination made by the doctor Chuprina Ye.А. During the visit, Yelena Aleksandrovna was very considerate; she asked a lot, told a lot, thus gaining open communication. The doctor left a nice impression of herself.
Odessa, 30.03.2020 Show answer
Hello, Irinа. Thank you for your positive feedback. It is important for us to make the results of the diagnostic procedure informative and clear. Another important component of high-quality diagnostics is high-tech equipment used in our clinic. Stay well and healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
Doctor Nataliya Anatolyevna Tolmacheva. She is a professional of her craft, she is very understanding. I have been followed up by her for many years and will keep on visiting her.
Odessa, 19.03.2020 Show answer
Hello, Аleksandr. Thank you for your positive feedback. We are glad that in the person of our specialist you found the doctor you could entrust your health. We are always ready to help when necessary. Stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department
I am really grateful to Yelena Aleksandrovna Chuprina for her consideration, clear and plain explanations and just for a nice human attitude to the clients. I will definitely visit her again! Thank you!
Odessa, 23.01.2020 Show answer
Hello, Valeriya. Thank you for your positive feedback and high opinion regarding the work of our specialist. We are glad that you remained satisfied with the result of visiting our medical center. We will be always ready to help when necessary. Stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department

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