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Good afternoon! I want to share my story and thank the gynecologist Snezhana Verbovaya. I did removal of the IUD on 04/08/2022. Two doctors, who had a consultation in other clinics in Kyiv, prescribed hysteroscopy, they didn’t even try to remove the spiral, since the removal is non-standard (IUD without antennae). We were forced to leave the place of residence, and the period for removing the IUD had already expired, so I urgently looked for a doctor and chose ON Clinic in Cherkasy. First, I signed up for an online consultation on 05.04. where Snezhana Vasilievna consulted and reassured, and on 08.04. I came to the appointment. Of course, hysteroscopy was not performed, the removal was painless and took a minute. The doctor is very attentive, delicate, consulted in detail and conducted a survey, did not prescribe anything extra, and most importantly saved me from unnecessary surgery.
Cherkasy, 10.04.2022 Show answer
Good afternoon Alexandra. We sincerely thank you for choosing our clinic and for sharing your story of visiting a doctor. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment and employs qualified specialists who are always ready to provide high-quality medical care within the framework of the clinic's specialization. We wish health and peace to all.
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