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I made an appointment to on clinic, for a consultation with doctor Goncharuk Ye. О. This is the most awful doctor I have ever met, she could tell me nothing about my problem, she only told me to buy plenty of pills in the drugstore, she referred to make loads of tests and as a result nothing helped me. After that, I visited another doctor in the ordinary state hospital and this visit came much cheaper and this doctor cured my problem and told me that I had just muddled my money, because the thing the first doctor had prescribed me was for completely another illness!!! I do not recommend this doctor, moreover, I insist on her dismissal!!! Because of Goncharuk Ye. О., I have now a horrible opinion about this clinic and I will never cross the threshold of this clinic and will not advise it to anybody!!!
Odessa, 27.11.2019 Show answer
Hello, Аlinа. Thank you for dialogue with Quality Control Service. Our clinic is a part of the international network, all medical and diagnostic processes are built on the principles of evidentiary medicine and controlling documents of the Ministry of health of Ukraine. Every doctor has his or her own opinion, and it s a right of a patient to agree with the doctor’s opinion or not. If you have an alternative opinion of another doctor, we are ready to proceed with our dialogue. We are always ready to help, stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department
Goncharenko Svetlana Olegovna whom I visited is a professional of her craft. She is a wonderful person, very considerate to her patients and a very competent dermatologist. I recommend to everybody who has dermatology-related problems consult namely Goncharenko S. О. Thank you, On clinic, for this doctor.
Odessa, 03.09.2019 Show answer
Hello, Yelenа. We understand that dermatological problems create much discomfort in everyday life. That is why it is important to seek for professional aid. Our dermatologists have a comprehensive approach to a patient’s diagnostics and treatment, considering the peculiarities of each client. We are happy to know that you remained completely satisfied with your visit to our specialist. We are always ready to help when necessary, stay healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
I came to ON Clinic on the recommendation of my acquaintances; I had problems with the face, frequent rashes, itching. I was examined during the primary visit, the cause was explained to me. I am very grateful to doctor Zheludkova Nataliya Vasilyevna, I liked her very much as a doctor, she was considerate and scrupulous about my problem, she is a very savvy specialist and pleasant person.
Odessa, 23.08.2019 Show answer
Hello, Таmarа. Visiting the clinic on the recommendations is a safe and proven method how to receive high-quality medical care. Zheludkova Nataliya Vasilyevna is an experienced and skilled specialist and you could learn it at first hand. We are glad that your visit to "ON Clinic Оdessа" was effective for you. We are always ready to help when necessary and stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department
I am very pleased with the work of the dermatologist. I have a lot of difficulties with my sensitive skin and many visits to doctors were attempts and failures. I took a wonderful opinion and efficient treatment at ON Clinic. Thank you very much.
Odessa, 16.07.2019 Show answer
Hello, Оlgа. We are glad that you remained completely satisfied with your visit to "ON Clinic Оdessа". Dermatologists of our clinic select individual treatment regimens for patients considering their peculiarities. Thank you for your reference. Stay healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
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