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Feedback about gynecologists ON Clinic in Kharkiv

After the first appointment, I realized that I would never change doctors again! The whole family and all friends go only to her, a sensitive, modern doctor, sh...
Valeria , 06.07.2022. Show answer
I have visited gynaecologist department and I was very pleased with my experience at On Clinic. My doctor 'Dr. Gordienko Tatyana Yurevna' is a very professional...
Sumanpreet Kaur , 04.05.2020. Show answer
I visited gynecologist and ultrasound, everything was fast without queues and by appointment. The doctor explains everything, clarifies, answers all questions....
Christina , 19.02.2020. Show answer
The ladies at the reception are very welcoming. Filatova T. S. had a pleasant impression. The doctor answered all my questions, and made recommendations; when a...
Elena , 03.02.2020. Show answer
I want to express my gratitude to the doctor-gynecologist Perekhrest O.V. for a sufficiently quick and effective treatment for cervical erosion. After drug ther...
Yuliya , 14.01.2020. Show answer
I visited the doctor Shapovalova Alyona Sergeyevna. She made a very good impression on me. She is a very attentive and correct doctor. The examination was carri...
Adeline , 14.01.2020. Show answer
I want to thank the doctor Shapovalova Alyona Sergeyevna for a high-quality consultation. The doctor was attentive, she listened and gave competent recommendati...
Anastasia , 19.12.2019. Show answer
I visited Dr. Lukash Tatyana Ivanovna at On Clinic in Kharkov. We have known Tatyana Ivanovna for about 20 years. This is a very qualified specialist and a very...
Marianna , 05.12.2019. Show answer
Thank you for your help. One thing is sure.I could not have done anything without yor all. All you have done mean a lot to me. You are the best.
El , 04.12.2019. Show answer
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