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I am appreciated to all On Clinic workers for their attention and care. Everything is on top level. Special thanks are due to Legostayeva Alyona Aleksandrovna for her professionalism and support. I had to undergo an unpleasant but necessary procedure - gastroscopy. Alyona Aleksandrovna conducted it quickly, supporting me all the time. After that, she gave me her opinion about the treatment. I felt better the very first day. I hope everything will be all right thanks to such wonderful doctors. I wish health to all clinic workers and thank you very much for your work.
Odessa, 13.06.2020 Show answer
Hello, Yelena. Thank you for your positive feedback and kind words about our specialists. We are glad that you highly appreciated the level of professionalism and of our doctor Legostayeva Alyona Aleksandrovna. Gastroscopy is an important instrument for diagnosis establishing without overstating it. Information the doctor receives is also of great value for the following treatment regimen. We are glad that the diagnostic procedure was in a comfortable environment. We are always ready to help when necessary. Stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department
I visited the specialist Stankova Yelena Viktorovna, I would like to express my gratitude to this doctor, she is a real professional and master of her trade. She explained everything in clear and concrete terms, answered all my questions that caused my concern, conducted the required diagnostics and prescribed adequate and simple treatment.
Odessa, 21.05.2020 Show answer
Hello, Оlgа. We are pleased that under our doctor’s care you could solve your problem that caused your concern. There are skilled and considerate specialists in our medical center who find an individual approach to each patient. And you could learn it first-hand. We are always ready to help when necessary. Stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department
Doctor Legostayeva Alyona Aleksandrovna is a wonderful specialist. I am very pleased with her. Everything is clear and without the fluff. Highly recommend! However, the thing which is unclear to me is the procedure of payment for visiting the doctor. Why should I pay extra 300 hrivnyas to be allowed to come to the doctor in order to learn what is wrong with me? I have already paid 350 UAH at the very beginning. Money is not a problem, I just wonder about such cupidity. The good thing is that they didn’t take money for protective shoes and visiting the toilet. It is unlikely that I visit this clinic again.
Odessa, 13.03.2020 Show answer
Hello, Sergey. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Control Service and your kind words about our doctor. Our clinic provides fee-based medical services, the payment is effected in accordance with the approved price-list and on a voluntary basis. The doctors consult the patients both during primary consultation and return visits. Within the return visit, the doctor interprets the results of laboratory or instrumental tests, establishes final diagnosis and suggests treatment options, the same as in your case. We are always ready to help, stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department
This was my first visit to On Clinic, Yelena Viktorovna is a wonderful doctor! I had problems with my stomach for the first time in my life and it frightened me a lot. The first doctor, in another clinic, could not help me; however, my problem was not so serious as it turned out. Yelena Viktorovna referred me at once to make all tests (nothing extra). Based on the test results, she prescribed treatment and some food restrictions. All medications were scheduled subject to the quantity and duration. Yelena Viktorovna left me her phone number. So I could always contact her in Viber for small matters regarding the drugs, and this was very comfortable. The problem was solved and I was excited. I visited Yelena Viktorovna on the recommendation. Now it is my turn to recommend her. When necessary, I will definitely come to this doctor again.
Odessa, 27.02.2020 Show answer
Hello, Аnnа. Thank you for your positive feedback. Visiting the clinic on the recommendations is a safe and proven method how to receive high-quality medical care. We are glad that you found the doctor in the person of our specialist whom you could entrust your health and remained satisfied with the result. We would like to mention that absolute recovery is a team work of a specialist and a patient, as the laborious and persistent observance of doctor’s instructions is one of the main components of effective treatment. We are always ready to help everybody who would come on your recommendations. Stay well and healthy.
Service Quality Control Department
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