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White spots have started appearing on my skin in the last 2 years. The number and area of the spots increases slowly and nothing helps yet. Tell me, do you have experience in treatment of this disease? Can you help?
Answer: 30.01.2014
Hello! White spots on the skin is a symptom of many diseases. It is more likely vitiligo, pityriasis versicolor, white spot disease (Tsumbush disease), and leucoderma. In ON Clinic vitiligo is not treated. Treatment of vitiligo is a very long and very costly process without the ability to predict recovery and any effect of treatment (in some cases, the method of choice is skin transplantation). White spots is not a diagnosis, but a symptom, so we can offer you consultation of our dermatologist for further reasoned choice of tactics of behavior. We will be glad to help you!
Cherniak Natalia Aleksandrovna
The doctor-dermatologist, trichologist. The highest category. Experience more than 15 years.
Before pregnancy I made the test on patogenic microorganisms (study of biocenosis of the urogenital tract by PCR) – no microorganisms were detected. Now I am pregnant (16th week). The blood test showed presence of chlamydia (lg G 1:80). Do I need to be treated or do I need to repeat the test?
Answer: 30.01.2014
Hello! IgG antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis appear in serum 15-20 days after infection and may circulate in the blood long enough in case of chronic chlamydiosis. The diagnosis "chlamydiosis" is justified if confirmed by two fundamentally different methods of diagnostics: smear (microscopy) and blood test for antibodies to chlamydia (biochemical method). Only when the titer (concentration) of antibodies is high and / or if there are complaints specific to this infection, the course of treatment is indicated. I emphasize that it happens only in THIS case. Also in absence of subjective complaints from the woman and the fetus, a control titer determination is required. Only if the titer is 2 times increased, antibiotic therapy is indicated. Possible complications of chlamydiosis in your case are the premature discharge of amniotic fluid and preterm birth; during childbirth there is a high probability of fetal infection (conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, otitis, and even pneumonia).
Mandzyak Tatiana Igorevna
Gynecologist. The first category. Experience 12 years.
Hello! My dad (53 years old) is having a furuncle on the leg. He applied aloe, an eruption of small pustules appeared around it. What tests does he need to make to find out the diagnosis? Thank you in advance.
Answer: 30.01.2014
Hello! First of all, a visual inspection is required. To verify the pathogen, the analysis of smear or discharge from the wound or the contents of pustules should be performed. For selection of adequate therapy there is an antibiotic diagram. You may require clinical tests – complete blood count. In some cases, a blood test is required for suspected infection generalization and a blood test for sterility (but in this case, your father would have had quite different complaints).
Good day to you! Please, help me with my pain. I have been treated a feminine disease by the doctor's prescription. I have the virus, although the bacterial inoculation tests are showing that I have the virus because I only contact with my husband. He also experiences pain and burning. He also took a lot of antibiotics and had a massage course according to the doctor's prescription. It all lasted more than six months. We do not sleep together. As soon as he stops taking antibiotics, it hurts immediately. I know that the reason is in me. And, is it possible to operate the cervix if it is torn into three parts? I made tests and colcoscopy, the delivery was in 2006. If possible, I am asking for a visit. Thanks in advance.
Answer: 30.01.2014
From your description I can make an unambiguous conclusion about the presence of an infectious agent as the main factor. I do not understand what a “feminine disease” means, because infection can promote coleitis, oophoritis, etc., and prostatitis, urethritis in men. One of the primary tasks is to identify the specific pathogen and choose the appropriate therapy based on sensitivity to antibiotics. At the chronic course, the treatment includes medication (antibiotics of different groups), physiotherapy, as well as immune-modulation and symptomatic therapy. It is also hard to understand what “cervix torn in three parts” means to make a diagnosis. In our clinic we perform treatment of most non-cancer pathologies by CMM radio wave machine "Surgitron". We invite you and your husband for internal consultation and comprehensive examination. Take all available results of instrumental and laboratory tests with you. We will be glad to help!
Mandzyak Tatiana Igorevna
Gynecologist. The first category. Experience 12 years.
Good evening! I am 24 years old. For more than a year, I have been trying to cope with premature ejaculation. Sexual intercourse lasts 2 minutes maximum, during which I am very excited and I cannot hold back. Immediately after finishing I feel strong sensitivity of the head, which is even unpleasant to touch. Tell me, how and how fast can I get rid of it, and what is the cost of treatment?
Answer: 08.01.2014
Hello! We tell our patients at once that the cost of treatment and its duration can be determined only after internal consultation and examination. Treatment options – medicinal therapy with the use of products of the common network of pharmacies in Ukraine and branded products manufactured by ON Clinic Corp., physiotherapy, combination therapy. In some cases, an instrumental correction of frenulum of the penis may be required. Thus, treatment of premature ejaculation can cost 500 to 3500 UAH. Duration of treatment also depends on the choice of treatment (2-3 weeks to 2-3 months on the average). It is necessary to allocate a group of neurological causes, which require joint treatment with a neurologist or psychotherapist. Contact us, we will be happy to help!
Reprintsev Vladislav Leonidovich
Urologist. The first category. Experience more than 20 years.
Stomachache. Strong meteorism. Bursting pain in the anal area. Constipation and severe scarlet bleeding. The use of Relief candles and buckthorn give no substantial improvements. What is it? How do I deal with it?
Answer: 10.12.2013

Hello! Rectal bleeding in view of constipation is a characteristic symptom of anal fissures and hemorrhoids. To make a diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct sigmoidoscopy and consult a proctologist. After that, the type of treatment will be determined – either symptomatic or curative. Diagnostics of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract is also required, because without normalization of the bowel the proctology pathology will recur. Preliminary plan of survey: - consultation and examination of a proctologist - consultation of a gastroenterologist - ultrasound of the abdominal cavity – ergography, colonoscopy, specific laboratory tests may be required. Only with a complete objective picture we can speak of a successful treatment.

Hello! The color of my penis head has changed. The color itself is normal; it is rich red when erected (unlike before), and instead of a smooth skin, there are small tubercles or dots. The test results are normal. What may these changes be associated with?
Answer: 11.11.2013
Hello! Change of color of the erected penis head can be caused by vascular changes. But in combination with punctate rash it can be a sign of an infectious inflammation (candidiasis, herpes). For the differential diagnosis the medical history is important (unprotected sex, use of new condoms, detergent powder, etc.), visual inspection and laboratory diagnostics (smear from the urethra is not a diagnosticum for viruses). We invite you for internal consultation. Our urologist will be happy to help you!
Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Urologist. The first category. Experience more than 25 years.
I'm 21 and I am very worried that my labia are like rags. I watched a lot of porn films, the girls there do not have such ugliness. I had sex only once in my life and the guy never called me after that. Perhaps because of this ...It is terrible to live, scaring to undress in front of a guy. Now I have a constant boyfriend, he wants sex, I want it, but what if he leaves after seeing it. Is it possible to solve my problem somehow? When? What do I need?
Answer: 08.08.2013

Hello! Do not compare yourself to porn actresses, each person is different! There are about 10 types of structure of the external female genitalia, there are no templates of norm and pathology. You can contact our center and discuss feasibility of plastics on an internal consultation with a specialist. If no contraindications are revealed and you are confident about your decision, the procedure will be performed on an outpatient basis, in a comfortable, sterile conditions and you will return to normal life very quickly. Information about our patients does not go beyond the doctor's office, so do not worry about confidentiality. The important thing is that the end result should please you! An admission is carried out by appointment only! We will be glad to help!

Alekseenko Yulia Yurievna
Obstetrician-gynecologist. The second category. Work experience 13 years.
I do not have erection for a long time after the first time. There is no connection between the brain and it. I heard about the effect of physiotherapy in your center. Will it help?
Answer: 08.08.2013

Hello! To plan physiotherapy, you need to undergo an examination and have a consultation with an urologist. If you have no blood disorders, if your prostatic gland has no pathology, the maximum effect of physiotherapy is increase of sexual intercourse and increased sensitivity, if there are any disorders, they can be effectively minimized. It must be remembered that the period of recovery between the first and second intercourse is 15-40 minutes on the average. It is a very personal indicator, which is also affected by chronic fatigue, age (testosterone level) and emotional state. Come for internal admission, we will be happy to help you!

Тychuk Vyacheslav Petrovich
Urologist. Work experience 10 years.
My daughter (20 years old) has hard hair fall. By an advice of a pharmacist, we purchased the full range of products on the basis of burdock oil. After the first mask was applied, the hair fell off in bunches after washing. We are horrified. Please, tell me, should we use these products further?
Answer: 08.08.2013

Hello! Your case confirms the danger of self-treatment! At such reaction it is strictly necessary to exclude its use! We offer your daughter to come for internal consultation to a specialist and, after a comprehensive survey, to begin appropriate therapy, which will be safe and effective. Unfortunately, in absentia, we have minimum information about a person, so it is difficult to plan the necessary diagnostic procedures. Make an appointment. We will be glad to help you!

Podporinova Zoia Anatolievna
The doctor-dermatologist. The highest category. Experience over 30 years.
I have 3+ blood group, my husband has 4+ blood group. Why can’t I get pregnant? What's the problem?
Answer: 08.08.2013

Hello! In your case, the question of infertility should be treated more widely. Both the spouses must be surveyed at the urologist/gynecologist, the man has to necessarily make a spermogram. On the basis of objective data on the state of the reproductive system and spermogram, we can plan further examination or treatment. In our clinic, you can get advice from specialists with extensive experience. Sampling of materials for laboratory tests is also performed in the comfort conditions of the clinic. As a result you will receive detailed advice on pregnancy planning. Appointments are preliminary (see "Contacts" section). We will be glad to help!

Yushchenko Tatiana Aleksandrovna
Obstetrician-gynecologist, gynecological oncologist. The highest category. Experience is 20 years.
Hello! Please, tell me how effective is the radio wave method for removal of cervical erosion? And how much will it cost together with tests?
Answer: 08.08.2013
Hello! Radio wave method allows to cure the cervix erosion in all cases except in the case of severe hyperplasia. After the treatment, the anatomical and functional completeness of the cervix is fully preserved, so you will have no restrictions during labor and the risk of cervical cancer is minimized. The cost of treatment depends on the area of erosion (1000-1500 UAH), the cost of the initial examination by a gynecologist with ultrasound and colposcopy (180 UAH), the question of the list of necessary tests is solved individually. Contact us! We will be glad to help you!
Mandzyak Tatiana Igorevna
Gynecologist. The first category. Experience 12 years.
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