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My wife found Doctor Viktoria Mangusheva through her own account and was able to receive exceptional medical care remotely for my complex case of psoriasis. The...
Charles , 02.02.2023. Show answer
I am extremely grateful to the Ukrainian doctor who provided exceptional medical care for my me complex case of psoriasis. The doctor thoroughly examined the ph...
Charles , 02.02.2023. Show answer
Excellent service and high quality professionals. I made an appointment with a dermatologist, ultrasound and tests - everything was done at the highest level. I...
Michael , 17.06.2022. Show answer
Thanks to Mangusheva Victoriya Yuriyevna. She is a very good, wonderful doctor! She established the cause of the disease immediately and prescribed the right tr...
Yana , 29.01.2020. Show answer
Great doctor! She explained everything in detail and prescribed treatment. I was satisfied. I am very grateful to Victoria Yurievna!
Sergey , 22.01.2020. Show answer
I had an appointment with doctor Viktoria Igorevna Mangusheva. The doctor gave qualified help. She addressed my need immediately. I recommend this doctor, I was...
Liliya , 21.12.2019. Show answer
We visited Slyusarenko Victoriya Vitaliyevna. The patient was the 5-year child, the problem was to remove molluscum contagiosum. Everything went perfectly. She...
Olga , 09.12.2019. Show answer
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