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I got to ON Clinic in serious condition on Sunday, at the last appointment with Trubeko Sergey Nikolaevich. He saved me, in the truest sense of the word. After examining, he referred me to an ultrasound scan (since everything was very bad, he was present during ultrasound procedure). Against all odds, he managed to send my tests (Sunday, a short day), which he took right there. Having received them, he prescribed treatment, gave recommendations, checked that we understood what and how to do. And that’s all. Despite the fact that the time of my appointment has ended long since (one and a half hour ago). Moreover, I was immediately administered with the first two injections from the prescription sheet. Marina, a very attentive nurse, once again explained what to mix and how to make an injection. Therefore, for two hours I was fully diagnosed with my condition, with all the tests, treatment, and injections. Moreover, the next day a call came from the call center. At the request of Sergei Nikolaevich, the girls were interested in my well-being. I sincerely recommend Sergey Nikolaevich as an indifferent and attentive doctor who makes informed decisions based on the results of analyzes.
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Hello Yuliya. Thank you for your extensive feedback. Trubenko S.N. is one of the leading specialists in our network, he has a great clinical experience and many grateful patients behind him. We agree with you, Sergey Nikolayevich has a comprehensive approach in diagnosing and treating, considering the individual state of each patient. You could see that from your own experience. Our specialists also have extensive material and technical bases, at their disposal contributing to the effectiveness of the treatment process. We are always ready to provide qualified medical care if necessary and wish you good health.
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I want to express my gratitude to Philip Philipovich Sharuda for the high-quality consultation and the prescribed treatment. And not least, an interest in my health. What I considered a feature of my body can be treated. And of course thanks to ON Clinic for selecting such a team of professionals! You are at your best as always. 5*.
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Hello Nikolay. Thank you for your positive feedback. We make every effort to ensure that our patients receive quality medical services. All conditions have been created for this - qualified specialists work for us, the clinic is provided with modern equipment. We will be happy to help if necessary. Stay healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
Urologist Trubeko Sergey Nikolayevich is a true professional in his field, who carefully and sensitively reacted to my problems. He gave clear and qualified recommendations. He prescribed treatment. Thanks for the good attitude.
Kharkiv, 17.12.2019 Show answer
Hello Alexander. We are glad that the visit to our clinic was effective for you. Trubeko Sergey Nikolaevich is one of the leading specialists in our network, he has extensive clinical experience and many grateful patients. We are always ready to help if necessary. Stay healthy!
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