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During our visit to Z. Podporinova we received comprehensive answers to all questions. The medication was prescribed. The return visit was after 3 days, there are already positive results of treatment. We continue treatment. He is a very attentive, qualified doctor. Many thanks.
Kharkiv, 15.01.2020 Show answer
Hello Alexandra. We are pleased that in the person of our specialist you have found a doctor to whom you could entrust your health and were satisfied with the result. Thanks for the positive feedback. We wish you good health and stay positive!
Service Quality Control Department
Excellent clinic with fine conditions for patients (ranging from parking and interior, ending with modern equipment and highly qualified specialists)! We visited dermatologist Podporinova Z.A. on 12.01.20! I want to thank her very much! I really like this approach and service. I am a physician myself, cardiologist, I have been working at many medical institutions, so I know what the conditions are! In October, my girlfriend and I visited gynecologist (Braslavets Alla Aleksandrovna) and were also satisfied! Thus, I got to know the clinic better and will recommend you! And do it with pleasure.
Kharkiv, 12.01.2020 Show answer
Hello Konstantin. Thank you for your positive feedback. One of the main principles of the clinic of our Network is the comfort of patients at every stage. It is also important to note that our specialists have a powerful material and technical base at their disposal which contributes to high-quality diagnosis and treatment. We hope that your recommendations will help potential patients decide on the choice of a medical institution and a doctor. We wish health to you and your beloved ones.
Service Quality Control Department
Good doctors, terrible timings. I have been visiting this clinic for more than a year and a half. I am satisfied with the medical service, but there is no respect for the patient and respect for his time. Often the appointment starts 10-15 minutes later than it should. This is a human factor and is acceptable for servicing. But during the last few visits, the waiting time increased to 30, and sometimes to 40 minutes (at least in my case). So today I arrived 20 minutes earlier, in plenty of time, so as not to be late and not cause anyone any inconvenience. I waited until the time of appointment, and then another 35 minutes. Thus, having delayed my appointment, the clinic staff actually took out my personal time which I could spend much more interesting than in their lobby. They apologized to me but only after I asked myself for information after a long wait. And that’s all. No compensation. Only apologies and so recently it has been happening more and more often. As if after apologies the situation is back to right. I would like to hear from the clinic management how to behave in such a situation? Regards, Julia P.S. Comments refer not only to the department of dermatology, this field is just in the application form.
Kharkiv, 10.01.2020 Show answer
Hello Julia! Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Assurance Service. To comply with the rules for patient appointments by clinic doctors, we urge strongly patients not to be late for an appointment if possible. This can result in a malfunction of the entire doctor work schedule. In such cases, the administration makes every effort to align the regulation. The schedule of doctors is really busy because only qualified specialists work in our clinic. In case of force majeure situations, please notify the clinic by the center contact phone. In any case, we appreciate the trust of our patients, apologize for the discomfort, an additional option of loyalty was provided as an apology. You received more detailed information by phone. We are always ready to help, we wish you good health.
Service Quality Control Department

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