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I want to leave a positive feedback about gastroendoscopy specialists. I can’t say that I received pleasure from this procedure, but the discomfort was minimal. I used to do this procedure at the medical center "L +", the comparison is clearly in favor of the specialists of "On clinic".
Kharkiv, 18.02.2020 Show answer
Hello Yevgeniya. Thanks for the positive feedback. We are pleased that the visit to our clinic was productive and as comfortable as possible. We want to note that gastroscopy, without exaggeration, is an important diagnostic tool. Information the doctor receives is of great value for a further treatment plan. We are always happy to help if necessary and wish you good health.
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Many thanks to Dr. Korotkikh O.S. for the best esophagogastroduodenoscopy in my life. The doctor is very attentive, careful. Everything went very quickly, he explained everything in simple terms, not in medical ones. I advise everyone to visit this wonderful doctor.
Kharkiv, 12.02.2020 Show answer
Hello Svetlana. Thank you for your sincere feedback and kind words. Korotkikh Olga Sergeyevna is a highly qualified specialist and you could see yourself her professional qualities. We want to note that, without exaggeration, a gastroscopy is an important tool for making a diagnosis. The information that the doctor receives is of great value for the further treatment plan. We are always happy to help if necessary and wish you good health.
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I want to leave my feedback about the gastroenterologist Shkandt Tatyana. She is the most gastroenterologist I have ever met. After unsuccessful treatment with two other doctors in other private clinics, I went here hopelessly. I thought they would again diddle out of my money and "treat a little" only to make patients come back. With my reflux, previous doctors brought me to a state close to asthma. It was terrible. Tatyana immediately took me seriously. The main thing that none of the doctors did before her was that I was prescribed a competent diagnosis, according to the results of which the correct drugs were prescribed. As a result, an asthmatic cough passed quite quickly, a lump in the throat and a general condition allows you to live a full life. It is a pleasure that there are still such doctors who work with such dedication, are focused on the result and really want to cure you. Naturally, I will recommend such a specialist to everyone. Nowadays it is very rare to find a doctor who treats but does not cure for profit. Thanks to Tatyana for such a professional approach!
Kharkiv, 10.02.2020 Show answer
Hello Svetlana. Thank you for the detailed feedback and appreciation of the work of our specialist. We are pleased that in the person of Shkandt Tatyana Vitaliyevna you have found a doctor who you can entrust your health with. Also in the treatment process, it is very important to follow all the prescriptions of a specialist carefully and relentlessly, because the achievement of the cherished result, recovery, depends not only on the doctor, but also on the patient himself. It is very important for us to receive feedback from our patients because each review helps to improve the quality of medical care. We hope your feedback will be useful to potential patients. We wish you good health and well-being.
Service Quality Control Department

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