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Pediatric allergist in Kharkiv

Allergist is a doctor dealing with detection, treatment and prevention of allergic response of body.

Allergic response develops in return to the action of the specific stimulus (allergen) and occurs as immunopathological process (hypersensitivity of immune system). As pediatric diseases have particular specific running, pediatric allergists deal with their diagnostics and treatment.

Pediatric department "ON Clinic Kharkiv " has specialists of different specialization, including pediatric allergist.

We conduct a package of medical activities aimed at diagnostics and treatment of allergic diseases; we also provide an individually developed list of recommendations for their prevention.

What does pediatric allergist treat?

Competence of pediatric allergist provides for a wide range of tasks aimed at diagnostics, therapy and correction of immune reaction in the setting of allergic response:

  • order of clinical examinations (blood and urine test, X-ray, allergen skin tests, etc.);
  • development of individual allergen-specific treatment regimen and recovery plan for body protective resources;
  • preparation of hypoallergic diet, etc.

As allergic response involves numerous body systems and their organs (lungs, skin, nasopharynx, etc.), a need arises frequently in consultation by pediatric doctors of related specializations: dermatologist, endocrinologist or pediatrician.

Pediatric department "ON Clinic Kharkiv " has interdisciplinary team of doctors thus facilitating and accelerating the treatment and recovery processes of a child.

The most common pediatric allergic diseases are the following:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • nasal allergy;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • allergic dermatitis;
  • angioedema;
  • acute urticaria;
  • idiopathic urticaria;
  • drug allergy;
  • pseudoallergic reactions, etc.

With what symptoms should one visit a doctor?

A child shall be consulted by pediatric allergist starting from breastfeeding age as development of food allergy and non-food allergy is not uncommon. The main factors causing hypersensitivity reactions are non-final immune maturity or excess allergens in a child's body.

In return for allergen contact with skin (flower pollen, animal dander, etc.) or to intestinal tract (drugs, food), immune system forms protective albuminous compounds – antibodies. Antibody activity in most cases manifests externally as increased tear secretion and cutaneous eruptions. However, allergic reaction symptom profile depends on the type of disease and affected organ system.

Thus, affection of respiratory tract manifests as frequent sneezing, nasal catarrh and coughing fit, whereas GIT affection manifests as frequent posseting, diarrhea and vomiting. These signs are often followed by generalized toxic symptoms: tearfulness, atony and temperature rise.

There is a variety of specific signs indicating the development of particular allergic disease, namely the following:

  • bronchial asthma is followed by airway constriction that is expressed as rough breathing (rattling, hissing and choking spell);
  • allergic conjunctivitis manifests as hyperemia (local temperature rise, redness), palpebral oedema and itching, photophobia and ocular discomfort;
  • atopic eczema or dermatitis is marked by skin sloughing and rashes as well as itching; scratching can cause bacterial infection and make worse a child's state;
  • nasal allergy manifests profuse watery nasal discharge, eye redness and itch in throat.

Occurrence of any of the listed signed indicates the need to make an appointment with pediatric allergist. Timely visit to a doctor will held to prevent the development of complications and a child's physiologic failure.

Can pediatric allergy be treated with traditional remedies?

As pathological process of allergic reaction involves a variety of molecular mechanisms and structures in a body, traditional remedies with unproven efficacy are unacceptable. Self-treatment can make worse the current clinical state and do significant harm to a child's health.

Where can one make an appointment with pediatric allergist in Kharkov?

We strongly recommend seeking competent medical attention in order to determine and treat allergic diseases, as well as to fully comply with doctor's advice.

You can visit pediatric allergist in Kharkiv at "ON Clinic Kharkiv "; you can make an appointment by filling online form or calling at the specified phone number. We take calls around-the-clock.

Prokhorova Larysa Oleksandrivna
Prokhorova Larysa Oleksandrivna
Doctor of department of allergology

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