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Patients' feedback

I came to the office about 1.5 weeks ago to get some lab work completed. I am traveling so I asked for the results to be emailed to me. The actual visit went...
William , 19.06.2023. Show answer
My wife found Doctor Viktoria Mangusheva through her own account and was able to receive exceptional medical care remotely for my complex case of psoriasis. The...
Charles , 02.02.2023. Show answer
I am extremely grateful to the Ukrainian doctor who provided exceptional medical care for my me complex case of psoriasis. The doctor thoroughly examined the ph...
Charles , 02.02.2023. Show answer
I visited him a few days ago, I recommend it
ELN , 16.10.2022. Show answer
I am very pleased about my visit to Velichko Irina Alekseevna. Friendly, polite, open, kind. She explained everything in detail, showed, encouraged, answered qu...
Irina , 16.07.2022. Show answer
Hello! I want to express my gratitude to the proctologist surgeon of the Khudinets Mykhailo Mykhailovych, a practicing doctor from God. I hesitated for a long t...
Igor , 13.07.2022. Show answer
The doctor called at the agreed time, without delay. She listened carefully to complaints, analyzed previous examinations, tests, carried out the necessary exam...
Lyudmila , 07.07.2022. Show answer
After the first appointment, I realized that I would never change doctors again! The whole family and all friends go only to her, a sensitive, modern doctor, sh...
Valeria , 06.07.2022. Show answer
I want to thank the proctologist Rufanova Anna Anatolyevna for the work done. I have a difficult diagnosis. Difficult situation. But thanks to the high professi...
Dmitry , 05.07.2022. Show answer
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