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The clinic meets all patient’s requirements, polite receptionists, they answer all questions. The doctor diagnosed me, told the essence of the problem and prescribed treatment. Very sociable. I was pleased with the service at the clinic. I will recommend it to my friends.
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Hello, Vita. One of the main principles of the clinics of our Network is patient comfort at every stage of visiting our clinic. We employ only qualified specialists who use advanced equipment in their work. Thanks for your feedback and kind words. We are always ready to help when necessary and stay healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
Good evening. I came for an appointment with the child, hoping that it would be much more pleasant than in the state clinic. I was wrong. Either the neglect of patients is included in the package of expensive services, or it was a candid camera. At the reception, I filled out a form with the child’s data, and we were asked to wait. We waited. Then we waited more. Then we were shown the way to a doctor who already had my name in conjunction with the child’s patronymic in his database. It turned out that the appointment is not possible until I fill out the form again. Seriously? A person who has passed some sort of selection and who has taken the position of representative of the clinic is not able to enter correctly the name and patronymic into the database?! And the doctor, instead of quiet resolving the issue with the employee, behaves with the patient like a teacher with a negligent student?! Well, I will have the heart to recommend the clinic management to lay the groundwork with employees, otherwise you risk to decrease greatly the number of clients. The appointment was on 04/30/20. The form was completed on the second floor.
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Hello, Irina. Our Quality Control Unit made multiple attempts to contact you for your feedback in order to study this case but they were not successful – the subscriber is not available for phone calls. Please contact our Quality Control Unit by calling 0800-50-71-70 (from 10:00 tо 17:00).
Service Quality Control Department
Today my 14 years old niece and I visited ON Clinic to see dermatologist Pankova Yelena Vladimirovna. The child had been in contact with chicken pox carrier and had severe skin rashes. The first thing the doctor told us was that it was not her competence and she had nothing to do with chicken pox; however, when we told at the reception desk about our problem while making an appointment. The doctor was rude and I can hardly call her mindful. The examination was minimal and no medical report was given to us at the end of our visit. We asked for it ourselves on exit and they brought it to us. The medical report contains information about the examination of lymph nodes, pressure measuring, etc. But it did not happen. The child was not even completely examined, her legs had a rash most of all. We were told that rashes looked like measles. Then several minutes later there was another version about red measles and we did test for rubella antibodies. The test was also rather doubtful as the child is vaccinated and apriori she had antibodies for both measles and rubella. We came home without the slightest understanding of whether we had measles or rubella as red measles was open to question in our medical report. The diagnosis is absolutely unclear as these are two different diseases. I feel disappointed. I relied on the references about the experienced doctor; alas, it was money to burn and fallacious hopes.
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Hello, Alyona. Thank you for dialogue with the Quality Control Unit. We would like to note that all doctors have their own vision of tactics in each case. Comprehensive assessment of clinical information as well as laboratory test results is carried out as of the date of examination. In this case, the diagnostic stage was not completed. The fact of parallel existing pathologies cannot be neglected making differential diagnostics more difficult. Consultative medical report as any other medical documentation is issued upon the first demand of a patient, as happened in this case. If this doctor was not yours at a psychological level, you can always change a doctor at our clinic as there are several specialists in the department. In any case, if you felt uncomfortable while visiting our clinic, we apologize for this. We are always ready to help, may you and your relatives be healthy.
Service Quality Control Department

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